(by Ben Dackiw) If Dillon Gabriel plays like the best QB in the Big 12, the Oklahoma Sooners will be a College Football Playoff contender. In the past, the Sooners have needed an 11-1 record and a conference title to get into the playoff, and that will almost definitely be the case this season..read more from Yahoo Sports
(by Aaron Gelvin) Drake Stoops enters the 2022 season in a different place than in past years for the Oklahoma football Sooners. The slot receiver is now the elder statesman in a talented wide receiver room that has endured some tribulation in this past week. Stoops, the son of legendary...read more from Stormin' in Norman
(by Bob Przybylo) Five practices are in the books for Oklahoma. Head coach Brent Venables is incredibly encouraged by what he has seen, but he laid it out clear. The hardest part is about to come. As good as OU might be feeling through the first week of camp, this next section is...read more from the SoonerScoop
(by Chip Rouse) If you thought the Oklahoma football passing game was a major element in the Sooner's high-powered offense of recent seasons, wait till the 2022 season gets underway. The Sooners have been blessed with outstanding quarterback play over the past seven seasons along...read more from Stormin' in Norman
(by Chip Rouse) With the beginning of a new college football season right on our doorstep, the staff at ESPN is offering up in annual “Position U” designations, identifying the schools that historically produce the most talent at every position. Oklahoma football is especially well represented on...read more from Stormin' in Norman
(by Bob Przybylo) The message has been said time and time again the last few days for Oklahoma football – move on and move forward. It’s still going to take a while to realize former assistant Cale Gundy won’t be part of the program anymore, but first-year head coach Brent Venables accepted...read more from the Sooner Scoop
(by John E. Hoover) NORMAN -- Brent Venables on Wednesday spoke again about Murphy’s Law. He referenced his take in the spring that at any time, something unforeseen will inevitably go wrong. “So here it is,” Venables said in a 30-minute press conference in the Memorial Stadium Club...read more from All Sooners
(by Timothy Bailey) Cale Gundy has been a part of the Oklahoma football coaching staff since 1999. His resignation shook Sooner Nation on Sunday evening, which carried strong emotional debates among fans, an outpouring of support from high-profile players such as Joe Mixon, Adrian Peterson...read more from Stormin' in Norman
(by Ryan Chapman) NORMAN -- Last year, Andrew Raym got his first taste of starting at center for Oklahoma. The former 4-star recruit from Broken Arrow appeared in 12 games, starting seven contests at the heart of OU’s offensive line. And while he had a successful season last year...read more from All Sooners
(by Chip Rouse) O.K., the coaches have spoken, projecting 2022 Oklahoma football as a top-10 team entering the new season. That’s good news, right? Not according to some of the so-called college football watchdogs, who are hitting the “overrated” button regarding the Sooners’ No. 9 ranking...read more from Stormin' in Norman